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Fine Art Photography On The Set

When your are watching a great movie or your favorite television show, production design should be part of the story that is being told. Someone has chosen the furniture in the scene for a specific reason. Someone has designed the lighting, the shape of the room and entrances and exits the actors will use in the scene. All of these elements add up to the whole. The art on the walls has been specifically chosen or crafted to frame the story and the actors as they move through the set. I have been shooting images globally for years of the things that inspire me along the way. I've shot tulips and ancient statues in the Tuleries Garden in Paris, golden Budhas in temples deep in the heart of the mountains in Chang Mai Thailand. The unusual rock formations around the beaches of the Capetown through to the hilltop wineries of South Africa were a delightful surprise. New Orleans, Florence, New York, Toronto, Mexico, Tokyo, Transylvania, Rome, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco... the list is long and the inspiration deep. Images from these places have graced the set walls of many shows featured on ABC, CBS, , FOX, Showtime, Netflix, TVLand, NBC and more - it's a fun way to be a part of the greater story being told.

This image of a gull was taken in Malibu early one morning for the set of "Weeds" / Showtime.

This entire set for "Mulaney"/FOX staring comedian John Mulaney, Nasim Pedrad, Elliott Gould and Martin Short are images from various trips around the world I've taken working as a filmmaker for the studios. If you take a quick peak at my fine art section you'll see a lot of these pieces here at the site. As you can see by my smile below, this was a thrill. This type of work is a bit unusual and it's an incredible opportunity to work with some of the biggest production design teams in Hollywood. After negotiating a licensing fee with the photographer, the set decorator or production designer choses the images, frames them and mounts them on the set. For me is just about continuing to shoot images that I find inspiring.

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